Monday, 5 January 2015


Things I have heard from my sick boy today...

"My mouth went all wobbly and then the illness came out of my mouth."
"I told you I was feeling sick" - he did, at 4 in the morning, half an hour before he was actually throwing up.
"I love my sister. Just a little bit because she is quite bossy."

This is, to be fair, the first time in oh about 3 years that we've had actual vomiting. Which wasn't Irish ferry related. Of course it had to be on the first day of school which I was *quite* looking forward to (mainly getting stuff done without the distraction of 2 small children demanding things every 7 minutes).

Hey ho, back to the demands of a sick boy. Who is surely less stoic than his sick sister was 5 days ago. Man sickness is always of a more virulent type.

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