Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas 2014

3 Christmas dinners
2 turtle doves &
A partridge in a pear tree. 

That was Christmas 2014. 

First off we had my sister & family, Bob & Philippa to our house for Christmas Day lunch. 

Next up was Boxing Day lunch with the in-laws at our house. 

For the third Christmas lunch we shipped out to my dad's in Dorset. Chef Ade catered for all three. Thank god. I couldn't. 

If the price for all that good food is keeping the kids out of the kitchen and washing up I'm happy with my end of the deal.

2014 was the year of Homeland, The Fall and Breaking Bad on the box, Electra, Visitors and Secret Theatre on the stage and Rembrandt at the National Gallery. A year when the children turned 4 and started school, I finally earned some money & got some free time, largely wasted but joyously so. 

One of the better uses of my time was a girls' weekend in Dublin where I read a book - 'We Are Completely Beside Ourselves' - sent from a kind & thoughtful friend in Singapore. All about a chimp girl & sibling love / rivalry. 

As we say "hello" to 2015, welcomed in with the World's Worst Hangover, it's good to reflect on a year of growth, drama & kid related highs & lows... and Oscar's origami... Happy 2015.


  1. Brilliant summary of the year! Love to all of you xxx

  2. I don't know how you've been blogging daily The Reluctant Lauderer but I'm glad you have.