Monday, 26 January 2015

NYC bound

Him indoors has left for NYC amidst predictions of an "historic storm" due to hit this evening. 2 feet of snow expected.  I'll be happy as long as my flight on Friday gets there. (Please, please, please.)

It's taking a relay team of four to get me on my way so it had better happen!

It's not often we get to go away sans 'attachments' so it's a hotly anticipated treat - and the north east city was where we honeymooned so it'll be 'moon mark II... If the weather plays fair. 


  1. Seems that the anticipated inclement weather was a bit of a storm in a teacup (excuse the DREADFUL pun). No reason for you not to get out there - Yay! A relay team of 4 - lucky you. I would offer to step in and help but.... Have the most wonderful time. xxx

    1. We did! It was chilly but beautiful. I'll blog about it - if I have time...