Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Mummy & Daddy Get Married

When we lecture you that you really should be married before you have children just point us to this webpage. Well, we'll reply, as long as you're as old as we were (37 or 38 ish) you'll have our blessing. Until then, don't do as we do but as we say, children.

A few people asked if you would be our page boy and bridesmaid but given you were just taking your first few steps (Oscar) and you were only walking while hanging onto something (Caitlin), I don't think you would have made it to the altar before tea.

It was an idyllic day in Dorset. Folke looked amazing, the sun shone, the Pimm's flowed, it all went too quickly (everyone warned us that would happen). The best men - Tris & Ollie - did a brilliant speech which made Mummy look very good. All about how Daddy has spent the last decade or so trying to get her to go out with him, very amusingly tied in with Take That's history of hits. Loved it.

After a few more days in Folke we dropped you off at your Grandma's in Cardiff and headed to New York for honeymoon part I (without you, sorry about that). It was wonderful. We stayed at Crosby Street Hotel in Soho / Little Italy, hung out in gastropubs and generally reverted back to pre-babies life surprisingly easily.

We get to go on honeymoon part II (with babies) next week. Not quite as exotic as NYC - we're taking you to Ireland and possibly the Lake District - but at least it's a family holiday this time.

There is some debate about how wise it is to drive around the UK and Ireland with a pair of babies who don't especially enjoy sitting still for hours (especially our girl who is quite vocal about her dislike of the car seat). Hmm, turn up the music - Rastamouse anyone?
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