Monday, 26 March 2012

New Year's Resolution - in March!

Very happily we've survived the winter - note, no blogging in those cold winter months (frozen fingers, unable to type).

So, filled with the joys of spring, I have a New Year's Resolution (in March, bit odd)... to make a blog post every day. Hmmm. Given I've blogged 3 times in the last year this may not live up to its billing BUT the target is set. And I fully intend to hit it, HARD.

Every day (or there abouts) I, Francesca Keys, will blog about Oscar and Caitlin, however knackered, fed up, uninspired, headache-y or ache-y I feel (can you tell I've just had 'flu - actually I think it was the most potent strength of Man Flu, NOW I can see why they all get a bit clingy and needy after a bout of this).

TODAY, 26th March 2012, is not only what would have been my mum's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mummy, I miss you), but it's also the day that... we went to the park (twice), Oscar and Cailtin met up with fellow twins Esme and Tim who (for once) made my 2 look good. Usually I'm the one saying "sorry, I can't hear you" due to loud screaming in uncomfortably close proximity to my ear.

In a pretend park exit moment I learned (for a split second) what it'd be like to have twin girls. A flash forward to 14-year-old hormonal door slamming made me very happy I have girl-boy twins.
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