Thursday, 14 July 2011

A tight squeeze

I'm sure I'll look back on these days and wonder how we lived in a 2 bedroom flat with no outside space and 2 little people. Downsizing is never easy when you've got a growing family. It's the outside space I really miss. Not that we'd spend much time in the garden in the old house. The bit I miss is being able to get out when the babies are screaming. Taking them outside during a fit of hysteria is an instant cure for deafening cries. 'Look at this leaf', or 'see the aeroplane' always work well. Just the change of scene seems to do the trick. No such luck in our current home where you'd have to go down 2 flights of stairs to reach the street - and then I'd have to face strange looks from the neighbours as I try not to scream back at the little monster... which of course means leaving one of the babies upstairs to fend for themselves (or help themselves to harmful substances in the kitchen cupboards).

So we're already looking for a new place - just as soon as we've got married and sold 2 flats. Oh and between future husband and myself we're going to have to agree on where the new marital home should be. For him it's the Chilterns (based purely on mountain biking preferences). For me it's West London (largely for social reasons - I'm scared moving to the sticks will bring out the social recluse in me). There's also the journeys we make: Dorset, Cardiff, Ireland, all westbound, it makes sense to be west. It has occured to me that this could be one of those things that you should agree on before committing to a lifetime together. Then again we're pretty committed already.

House hunting is at the very early stages, it basically consists of Ade sending me a link to a house near Maidenhead, me sending him onen to a (much better) house in Chiswick. I'd call it stalemate so far.

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