Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Now we are one

Hard to believe a year has gone by - and almost as long since my last post.

It's gone so quickly. And yet so slowly.

Oscar and Caitlin have grown (obviously) but they're also just about walking (while hanging onto something) and talking (in a language only they can understand). Still, they're practically toddlers now.

The absence of any entries since Christmas (Christmas!) is largely down to the fact that - newsflash! - I have twins.

This means: 1) early mornings, 5.30am is pretty typical; 2) exhaustion (see entry 1); 3) a new perspective on work - this has become a 'holiday', or at least a break from doing something much harder; 4) time flies and you get nothing done.

We are also about 3 weeks away from getting married so there's a bit of organising to do there. We finally booked some speakers and something to plug the iPod into so at least there'll be music (and love and romance, let's face the music...)

We had a mini birthday party on 29th June with tea, jelly and cake. Around 17 of us marked the landmark birthday - 10 adults, 7 kids - with all of us just about squeezing into Ade's flat.

Ah yes, Ade's flat... we're back in West London, in Brackenbury Road, the very flat we left almost a year ago to the day, 3 weeks before Oscar and Caitlin were born.

So it's been a busy year: 2 babies, 2 house moves, 1 change of government (welcome to No. 10, Mr Cameron), and with a bit of luck, 1 wedding.

Happy Birthday Oscar and Caitlin!
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