Monday, 13 January 2014

Hello 2014

Our 3rd Christmas with twins and our 3 and a half year olds have finally 'got' Christmas. The absolute conviction that reindeer came and ate the oats we put out is something quite special. 

I had to put my cynicism aside and embrace the magic of it all. When I first started out I naively thought I would sidestep the whole Santa thing, to avoid the crushing disappointment you get when you realise it's all a pack of lies - and that your parents, the ones you trust the most, have been lying yo you all these years. But no. You end up getting swept along - and now there's always the bribe/ threat of "you'd better be good, or Father Christmas won't come".

Cynicism aside, it was very sweet to see the little cherubs enjoying the elaborate story & their presents. Even gifts from friends have been attributed to The Man in the Red Suit. Magic.

It was one of the few years we stayed at home - our first Christmas in our new house - and enjoyed a half empty London, bliss.

I was slightly alarmed, somewhat impressed when the children stayed up till after 1am on New Year's Eve. They'd only managed 10pm before then. But the pay off came the next day when we all got a lie-in till 11am. Certainly beats 7am with a sore head. Happy 2014!

Resolutions this year include (in no particular order):
- Blog more
- Leave work on time
- Pick up Pilates again
- Remove body hair
- Earn money
- Start new project in September when school starts

Now they're written down (not quite in stone) there are no excuses...

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