Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lost a limb?

I'm back from my first weekend away from O and C and him indoors in 2 years. Can that be right? Seems a long time. Did I miss the little darlings? Of course. But mainly I enjoyed my freedom. These were particular highlights:

- read the Sunday papers cover to cover
- had a conversation without breaking off halfway through to deal with children (fighting, or getting into trouble)
- had a lie in till 9am
- steamed in 5 different types of steam, waxed, Jacuzzied & generally had spa treatments, hmmm, spa treatments 

Edinburgh is beautiful. Especially on a non-winter's day when you don't need gloves & ski suit to get outside. The streets are wide, the buildings grand (if grey), and it's overlooked by a castle. Tourist heaven.

Returning to the nest, I noticed the little ones had missed me - manifested in bad behaviour which wore off after half a day. In conclusion, the weekend away is an essential luxury in the name of sanity and not something I'll be leaving for another 2 years.

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