Saturday, 23 October 2010

Double the laughter

We had one of those 'it's all worth it' moments today, Oscar and Caitlin laughed together for the first time. Not just a giggle at the same time but properly laughing and fully interacting. They really were looking at each other and laughing like someone had told the most hilarious joke ever. It was brilliant.

And it happened twice too. Oscar was having a crying fit in the car, I was doing my best to cheer him up. Then, all of a sudden Caitlin did exactly that. She started laughing at him and he went from bawling to brilliantly happy, 'talking' and laughing out loud.

Granny Rosemary and Tony are staying at the moment and we had another cause to celebrate - the babies slept through to 7am for the second time ever last night. Whatever they did at the 10.30pm feed, it worked - stern words apparently. Babies clearly on best behaviour for granny. She can stay more often!

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