Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sleepless nights

Hard to believe these cute little things can inflict such great pain. I am talking about those sleepless nights. Waking up to a loud 'waaaahhhh' at (check the clock) 4.21am is a heart sinking moment. It's not surprising sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture.

After 3 months of dedicated routine training we're still no further on from the four-hourly feeds. Well, Oscar isn't. Caitlin is. So this week it's time to get tough. He's clearly waking out of habit not hunger so we've gone into 'ignore' mode to try and break it. It's worked well for 2 nights out of the 3 we've tried it out. The one 'bad' night he was 'chatting' from 4.42am to 6.53am when I finally fed him... and he wasn't even hungry. Fingers crossed for a good night tonight (10.30pm to 7am would be nice, pretty please Oscar, thank you!)
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