Sunday, 12 October 2014

The week Oscar got the Golden Folder

We got caught out in a monsoon type downpour this week. By the time we arrived home (drenched in 5 minutes from park to front door) both children were crying hysterically... I had to laugh.

A rare weekend with no plans whatsoever (my favourite type) started off in the gym for all of us for the first time ever. Tennis for the parents, swimming for everyone (well, for the kids really). 

Weekend ended in an epic shopping trip to Westfield (usually avoided at all costs) to buy marble jar (bribery) presents. Result: 1 hour in playground (arrived too early for shops), £8 worth of tat from the pound shop, £12 worth of Lego, 4 hours of 'entertainment', 2 exhausted children and 1 very tired mummy with 1 eyelid that keeps trying to close by itself by flickering every 2 minutes.

Altogether a good week spent flying solo while He was away with work, culminating in Eid (first time we've marked the occasion) and early school finish on Friday. This was followed by a trip to the library to fill the 'special helper' golden folder - filled not with a Willy Wonka ticket but a request to fill it with a special book to share with their class. Oscar is the chosen keeper of said folder for this week so we have been making our way through 16 new books this weekend.

Quote of the week:
Oscar to Caitlin: "I love you." Quickly followed by: "I love your hair like that." #thethings4yearoldssay

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