Wednesday, 27 January 2016

First post of 2016

Just like a gym membership - but free - this blog has been nagging at me. Urgh, the guilt. I started writing here as a record, however haphazard, of O & C's formative years, something they can look back on and see the funny, challenging and most memorable bits. 

So with renewed motivation I'll recap November to January... Building work has been A Thing. A fairly constant, noisy, dusty, expensive, decision demanding thing, so it's hard to remember the other things going on too.

Christmas happened but it was so mild I sort of missed it. I went through the motions but my heart didn't get frozen enough to be truly in it. Two weeks of visitors, lunches and changing sheets happened then it was school and now we're planning half term. Time is flying while I enforce spelling test practice over porridge.

O is hugely into Lego and has enough to build a house within our house but still that's not enough. I lied and told him he needs to sell some if he wants any more.

C is trying out drama after gymnastics which followed ballet and is planning on football next time around. She is 5. She'll have nothing left to try by the time she's 6.

Sleeping, or rather, staying up till 10pm on a school night is an issue. Unless a parent sits outside their room saying 'marble' whenever one makes a sound louder than breathing they don't go to skeep. I presume all parents have this.

At least we have (relative) lie-ins. 7.30 is a lie-in, right?

Happy 2016.

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