Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Living on a Building Site

You don't think it'll be too bad - before it starts. You wonder why people having building work done - creating their dream home and adding £££ to their million pound property in the process - can complain about it all the time. You (naively) think you won't be one of them. How, you wonder, could a little thing like home improvements end in divorce?

Then, 14 weeks and three days since the builders lopped off the back of your house, you know the answer. 

Whether it's due to living in a confined space with your loved ones, having to go into the building site to get a pint of milk or supper, or the stress of being £10,000 short, whatever the reason, there's a dawning realisation that this could well be the end of your marriage.

There are the shifting deadlines to cope with too. The '4 weeks from now' kept being '4 weeks' even when 4 weeks had long passed. Now we're on the promise of the optimistic sounding 'end of November'.

See for yourselves. Does this look two weeks away to you? Didn't think so. 

1 comment:

  1. God, has it really been 14 weeks? Its going to be beautiful, if that's any consolation. And NOTHING is more stressful than confined space with your partner (don't you remember my tales of horror from camper-vanning around NZ??) - apart from confined space with you partner and children. Chin up... You'll laugh about it some day (as you waltz about in your magnificent new kitchen) xx