Monday, 16 February 2015

Hounslow Urban Farm

One of the advantages of having a farm near Heathrow Airport is that you get all of the pets unsuccessfully smuggled in and out of the country. So there are some unlikely characters on the Hounslow Urban Farm. Snakes alongside sheep and tarantulas as well as tortoises. 

This was our second outing to the farm, on a wet first day of the February half term, quite a contrast to our first visit in the summer. But just as much of a success. 

It was knight training day so there were some great themed activities including a quiz trail, sword training, bows & arrows and space hoppers - as horses, I think. 

When the rain really settled in for the afternoon the indoor bouncy castle entertained O for an hour and the mini staff kindly befriended him so effectively I was momentarily tempted to adopt some older children, if only for the free childcare. 

C came away as a beautiful butterfly and I haven't even mentioned the 'meet the animals' bit and the owl display which were both fantastic. An action packed first day of half term. And breathe. 

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