Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sleep clock

The Gro Clock arrived today. It shows a sun for 'you can get out of bed', a star with eyes shut for 'stay in bed & don't even think about going downstairs and playing with the matches / keys / my purse'.

Night 1: I read the 'why is pig so grumpy' book which neatly explains why sleep is good. So far, going according to plan. 

Set the clock so it's 'sunshine time' at 7am (and cross fingers).

But wait, what's this? The 3 year old boy can turn on the 'sunshine' at the press of a button. And both 3 year olds love it so much they fight over it, occasionally unplugging it.

Two flaws in the plan. It's now so late that the flaws cannot be addressed. In fact, one flaw is so fundamental the parent needs to re-think the plan (or at least read the instructions). The plan is not going to work if 'sunshine' is something that can be summoned at 9.30pm - or 3.20am, 4.15am or 5.23am. 

Defeated parent slopes off to bed with no glimmer of hope for sleep tonight.

Night 2: It can only be an improvement, I like to think.

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