Tuesday, 28 May 2013

We are (nearly) 3

We are planning a 3rd birthday party. Hard to believe it's been 3 whole years but the diary doesn't lie.

Which prompts some reflection... what, I wonder, have learned in those 3 precious years?

1. Mummy is not the chilled out, laid back person she thought she was BC (Before Children).
2. If Caitlin screams at Mummy, Mummy will, at some point, scream back. Oh dear.
3. Oscar is 'Superman', sometimes 'Spiderman', occasionally 'Tree Fu Tom', and every so often, 'Buzz Lightyear'. Ideally with a towel hooked over his head which drags along the floor, adding to the endless washing - which, incidentally, is also added to by a haphazard approach to potty training. One day it's nappies, the next it's pants & sticker charts, no wonder we're not making swift or steady progress. 
4. Caitlin is 'The Dude'. Note: the above 2 points refer to self-appointed titles.
5. Sleep deprivation is a ruthlessly effective form of torture, able to turn a docile dormouse into a child-eating lion/lioness.
6. Oscar & Caitlin are best friends.
7. Oscar & Caitlin can be worst enemies who intentionally pick fights with each other.
8. Caitlin's favourite colour is pink. Mummy's is not. There's a compromise in there somewhere.
9. Children's entertainers are an expensive necessity... £80 for not entertaining 15 three year olds for 1 hour? Priceless!
10. Mummy's memory has been eaten by moths - she tried to book her one weekend away without the rest of the Family on the 3rd birthday which has been mentioned daily for the past 3 months. Moth balls.

For anyone intending to come to the 3rd birthday party, don't worry, I've started making lists. Lots of lists. Now I need a list listing the whereabouts of the lists.

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