Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Summer 2012

We had an amazing summer in 2012 and I want to make a note of it so the children, reading this when they're 18, can say "we were there!"

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - we saw the boats and had a street party. The Olympics - we saw the flame (twice) as it relay-ed around London; the second time it rowed past us on the Gloriana, a wonderful sight. And we (Mummy and Daddy) saw Team GB winning dressage gold at Greenwich. Olympic fever really caught hold across the country, even the cynics were silenced.

With the Paralympics coming to an end this weekend it's a good time to summarise what's been going on the past few months.

Oscar and Caitlin turned two. Grandma and Tony came to London to help celebrate, treating the birthday boy and girl to ice cream - which they'd only had a handful of times in their short lives.

We had holidays in Ireland and Wales - I fell in love with Tenby, a picturesque seaside town in Pembrokeshire which, fortunately for us, felt more like Spain than south west Wales due to the heatwave (in an otherwise wet summer) which was baking the sand while we were there.

I'm only getting around to posting this on 1st January 2013 so it all feels like a distant memory today. The babies are already 2 and a half now and things that were preoccupying us a mere 6 months ago have been overtaken by a list of new issues. Prime among these are trying (in a very long, drawn out sort of way) to buy a house. Second on the list is the new (lack of) bedtime routine which involves our terrible two staying up until 9.30pm (gone are the days of asleep at 7, sadly). Speaking of which, Caitlin is screaming in a 'tired newborn' way right now, gotta go.

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  1. Happy New Year Hun! Get yourself some earplugs and send them to bed at 7pm anyway... See you soon I hope xxx