Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Save our Sleep

A mere few weeks ago we enjoyed sleep-filled nights, a glorious 12 hours from 8pm-8am. I (somewhat naively) thought that was it. At least for the next few years. Oh how foolish I feel now. Now that we're getting a mere 9.30pm-7am, or at worst 10pm-6am, with 2 or 3 wakings during the night.

All of a sudden 'Save our Sleep' is all I can think about.

A week before Christmas we had the perfect storm - a combination of no more soo-soos (soothers) at night (finally!), an ability to climb out of their cots and open doors, as well as an inability to fully comprehend just how bad lack of sleep is has led to a severe lack of a solid 6 hours. It's literally torture.

I'm prepared to throw money at the problem (£230 is the going rate, apparently) but the man in 'His' camp isn't, hmmm.

This lack of sleep does make you realise that you're not the only one going around like a zombie. Gradually, it dawns on you that it's highly likely half your work colleagues are only partially awake while doing their jobs too.

Despite this, I (and said work colleagues) have managed to publish an events guide for London in 2013 which gives me a great sense of achievement. Luckily, readers won't know the Christmas eve panic proof reading that went into this... unless they read this blog, of course.

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  1. we can have a tired-off tonight! I get to bed at 1120 and am routinely woken up by one of my many children at various points during the night, until the morning shouting begins, usually at 620. Thank God for my fringe... xx